Adventures in live partition modification

2006-02-03 13:56:26 PST


I’m brain damaged. Before I launched into working on my project on my laptop this morning for and at school I decided to take a step to prepping Nika for suspend to disk. My swap partition isn’t twice the size of my ram since I got the ram upgrade. But there is a 1GB partition right next to it originally intended for Windows. But windows not being able to install on a SATA harddrive and QEmu being able to handle Starcraft negated the need for that. So with cfdisk I deleted both the primary windows partition and the logical swap partition and merged them. I could have done this with fdisk but it would have been a tad sketchier. with fdisk I would have had to delete the who logical partition and reset it up, which would entail writing down partition start and end numbers and reentering them right. cfdisk handled it for me automatically and quietly. I used the print command to take a peek and make sure and all looked good, so I hit write. Volia, two partitions merged to one. While the system was live. I edited grub/menu.lst and fstab and rebooted. mkswap and swapon and now I have double my ram and a bit in one swap partition. Then I started my school project.

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