Announcing Simple Location, a WordPress Plugin

2014-01-10 16:17:23 PST

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So for a new wordpress site I launched I wanted it to track the city and country of posts, preferably automatically via IP. Apparently this was uncommon. There are a plethora of plugins the purport to do geolocation but they do it in a way slightly different from what I wanted. They mostly just track lat/long and then slap down a map on the post. I wanted actual city name and country name. Also a surprising amount of them didn’t do auto detection and needed manual entry every time.

So I dug into WordPress plugin development for the first time and now can present Simple Location, a WordPress plugin. It’s very straight forward. It just adds a city and country field to the post edit page and optionally ties in with for autodetection if you get a free API key. It does what I need. Maybe someone else will find it useful. I’ll also look into submitting it to

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