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  • Needs more cognitive agents to do his bidding #

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  • Remember "Slingers"? Apparently it's not dead, just moving veeeery slowly! Still good news. #

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2011-07-25 10:00:00 PST

  • While I'm enjoying G+ the number of stories of users getting their entire Google accounts locked is why I still host my own email and jabber #
  • Also starting a monthly cloud backup: download my FB data and use google's tackout, which when your account is locked you can't use anymore #
  • Sweet! I just used sb-sprof, deftype and declare for the first time to greatly speed up my lisp code :) Yeah for optimization! #

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  • I think the puddle I just stepped in was trying to tell me I was too optimistic this morning when I put on sandals ;) #
  • aaand there's a burning car across the street in the seabus/skytrain/steamworks parking lot… 0_o? #
  • Today I am 852,000,000 seconds old, or 9,861 days old or 1,408 weeks old or 324 months old or 27 years old. Hopefully lots more to come :) #

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Release of Fink (my old Go AI bot)

2011-07-09 08:15:49 PST

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I woke up today to a message from a physics PhD student in the US asking about my old Lisp Go AI bot code (from the Mindstab Go AI competition of 2008) and if I was ever planning on releasing it or if he could get a look at it since Go and programming were two of his hobbies.

“fink”, as my Go AI bot was called, was my frist real Lisp project, and in hindsight probably not that good, but I learned a lot from it and it was fun, which is all that really matters. Possibly it’s most notable feature now is that it’s a Lisp program that speaks GTP and may provide a base for someone to write a better bot with. So if someone else can learn something from it or use it, that would be pretty cool. So here it is

There’s some notes about it in it’s README. I don’t recall if I documented it much but hopefully it can be made sense of :)

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