Ubuntu syslog fixes

2013-07-30 18:26:24 PST

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So I was checking syslog for something when I noticed it wasn’t working. In fact it hadn’t updated a log file in /var/log since when I upgraded to 13.04. I did some light googleing, and double checked, yes, rsyslog was still installed, so I restarted it, and it was running fine, and of course without logs it was a bit hard to see what the problem might be. But then I did an ls -l on /var/log and saw its files were owned by “messagebus” but in /etc/rsyslog.conf it was now set to run as the “syslog” user. So I ran “ls -l | grep messagebus” on /var/log and deleted those files and again restarted rsyslog and volia! Logging was working, it created the log files it needed as the new user and went to work.

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  1. Thank you very much!
    I found this is also affecting my servers and I was wondering how to fix it.

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